Individual and Small Group Healings

ACS Hope Lodge, Minneapolis, MN

Individual and group healings: Bruno offers Spring Forest Qigong and Qissage healings for individuals and small groups. Please contact for location.

  • $45 for a half-hour individual healing
  • $80 for a full-hour individual healing and guided meditation
  • The first individual visit is $40 for a 1-hour initial consultation
  • Group rates can be negotiated
  • M/C, Visa, check, or cash accepted
Healing & Meditation Room

Private Healing & Meditation Room


What: Healings are  best done in a relatively quiet setting. The participant(s) typically sit(s) comfortably. Background meditation music helps the participant(s) relax, focus on oneself, practice mindful breathing.

How: Bruno detects energy blockages and removes them by using touch-free Spring Forest Qigong techniques. A typical healing lasts a few minutes and yet can be a very powerful experience. Sometimes if deemed helpful and permission is granted, Bruno also uses acupressure / Qissage that entails gentle finger pressure at a specific energy points on the body in order to transform blockages. Bruno then teaches how to apply this technique to oneself.

For longer healings Bruno guides the participant(s) through a mindful breathing relaxation, then a guided meditation to visualize and feel the effects of powerful and positive images. During the silent part of the meditation Bruno performs a touch-free Spring Forest Qigong healing. The end of the guided meditation emphasizes the sense of health, strength, confidence, wisdom, and love in order to anchor positive thoughts, feelings and emotions in the mind, body, and spirit.

Arrangements: Individual healings may be arranged privately or through an organization, or you may participate in or join an existing practice or support group.