Healing Approach

Bruno helps with physical, mental, or spiritual energy blockage a person might experience. He is committed to helping people become their own most successful healer and advocate for better health. Bruno works with people of all ages and health conditions, clients and caregivers, alone or in groups.

Bruno provides services in one-time sessions, on an ongoing basis, or as a series of sessions, tapping in Levels 1 through 5 Spring Forest Qigong knowledge wisdom and techniques.

He tailors the services to people’s specific needs, always providing time for listening, questioning, and answering to understand people’s particular issues.

For cancer patients, their families, and caregivers, for example, sessions may include:

  • Gentle active energy exercises
  • Spring Forest Qigong healings
  • Guided meditations
  • Spiritual messages
  • Moments of contemplation to quiet the mind and balance the body

For people in shelters, transitional housing, or supportive housing, sessions may include:

  • Listening, listening, listening
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Anger and sadness management
  • Pain management, physical and emotional
  • Positive thinking and visualization
  • Individual healings
  • Individual guided meditations

For people in group settings such as a community center, assisted living facility, apartment complex, or nursing home, sessions may include:

  • Individual healings or energy balancing
  • Gentle active energy exercises
  • Small group guided meditations
  • Tips for various conditions such as insomnia, blood pressure regulation, arthritis, memory improvement, pain management