More Testimonials

S. C. (pain management): I’d like to share with you the first time I asked Bruno for a healing after our regular scheduled class about three to four weeks ago. Aside from being a tad skeptical about the results, I desperately needed pain relief. I figured if it didn’t work, I’d make an appointment at the pain management clinic. This achiness had been going on for 3-5 days.

When everyone left the library, Bruno sat me in a chair facing east and talked me through the “small universe” meditation. I couldn’t believe how fast and easy it was to control my breathing and to get centered. I’m not good at explaining the process in detail but the pain was gone before I came out a deep but short meditation process. I am still pain-free today.

Bruno explained to me that I did the healing myself and that he just guided me along. I’m not so sure about that but I consistently urge the elderly people in our complex to come to the class. This class and Bruno’s patience, kindness, and sense of humor is a blessing to everyone in our complex. I am so thankful.

A. K. (cancer recovery): I was diagnosed on February 5, 2008 with Stage IIIA Breast Cancer. I found the lumps while nursing Elly when she was 6 months old. Within two weeks I had a single mastectomy. I ended up having 6 tumors and 6 lymph nodes full of cancer. I started chemo within two weeks and continued with chemo for 5 months, one of the chemo medications for a year. In September, I then did radiation for 7 weeks. After that, I worked on getting stronger. I had another mastectomy in April 2009 and finished my last chemo in May 2009.

CaringBridge Journal entry 1/19/10: So, I had a fantastic Qigong session today, Bruno was amazing! He cleared out all the negative energy and restored the positive energy. When he was done, I felt like I had taken a two-hour nap. He had me focus on “love and kindness” and the symbol for that is light. I felt like I had the light of the sunshine running through me. It was almost time for my pain meds, but he had me in such a meditative state that I was able to work through it without medication. The power of the mind is incredible.

CaringBridge Journal entry 1/24/10: Bruno, the healer that has been helping me from Well Within, came over this afternoon for a session. He is simply amazing! I asked him if it is weird to feel so content with something like this going on, he said no, just go with it. The feeling will plateau and there will be some days that don’t feel so good, so I need to remember how I’m feeling right now and be able to bring that feeling to those darker times. I’m going to remember that.

C. H. (transplant recovery, pain management): I can say with all honesty that Bruno Franck helped me get through an extremely painful event. He came to my home after I left him a phone message explaining I wouldn’t be able to attend another class because I was in extreme pain. … He was genuine with wanting to help me and cared that I was experiencing such discomfort for the past two weeks.

I take anti-rejection medications [after a liver transplant] and as a result have a very low immunity system. I can easily catch anything that attacks the body. I have to be extremely careful every day. My problem started as an ingrown hair which grew into an abscess on my stomach. The site was around six inches long and three inches wide. My family doctor had to put me on antibiotics and cut it open to express the poison. She also gave me Class A narcotics for the pain. The pain pills did not reach the level of pain I was experiencing. I was in so much pain I couldn’t escape it. I could not sit up, I could not find sleep, I was to the point of pulling my hair out and losing my mind.

Bruno’s healing was/is beyond any explanation. I can’t find the words to express the feelings I had when he was at my home and after he left. While here, as the pain decreased, I cried it was so emotional and the first day in two weeks there was no searing pain going across and into my stomach. My mental state was in such relief I felt I was in a totally different state of time and awareness. I never experienced anything like this. Having no pain was like finding a million dollars. I remember smiling and feeling again. Life without pain is hard to express in words. I had no pain the whole day and to add to this, I was able to sleep. I took a nap and I found sleep the whole night through. The following day was wonderful, too. I woke with no pain, was able to sit up without discomfort, and around midday a slight pain started, but this pain was relieved by the pain medication. By late evening the pain was again at its rage. Bruno’s healing allowed me a day and a half of comfort.

Those memories gave me a reference when pain peaked, and I could find comfort for a short time the following days. I’m very thankful that his compassion for my wellbeing brought him into my home that one afternoon. I was lifted from the darkest of space into lightness, knowing there would be an end to the situation my body was going through.

S. S. (cancer recovery, stress and pain management): I met Bruno and discovered Spring Forest Qigong in Oct of 2010 while I was staying at the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge In Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was receiving radiation as treatment for my Breast Cancer. There was a signup sheet at Hope Lodge For people that would like to try Qigong. I was very curious to see what it was like, so, i signed up for a session with Bruno. Meeting him was very calming, I had just returned from a radiation treatment and I was feeling stressed and I was in pain from the burns on my skin. I was very much in need of relaxation.

At the beginning of the session, Bruno told me about Qigong and also asked me what level of stress I was feeling. I told him that I was receiving radiation and he asked me if I was in any pain and if so, what my pain level was. The session began and I was asked if I was comfortable where I was sitting and then I was asked to close my eyes. Bruno began speaking and I felt myself begin to relax. My mind that was filled with many stressful thoughts began to clear, and I was only focusing on calming thoughts and images. As the session continued, the stress that I was feeling continued to melt away and I began to feel lighter. As the session came to an end, I opened my eyes and Bruno asked how I was feeling. I felt very relaxed and refreshed as if I had slept for many hours. Bruno asked what my stress level was and I told him it was much lower than it was when the session began. He then asked what my pain level was and I told him that it was lower as well. I was very much impressed and very happy that I experienced Qigong. Since that day in Oct, I have had other sessions with Bruno, and the Qigong experience keeps getting more and more positive. I highly recommend experiencing Qigong, you will be very happy you did.

J. M. (cancer recovery, stress and pain management, self-healing): I met Bruno in February 2011 while I was recovering from surgery for cancer. At the time I was having complications from the surgery and looking for complementary ways to augment my healing. There was Bruno, just when I needed him, with his patient eyes, his listening heart, and his melodic voice, showing me how to meditate and remove energy blockages in my body. With Bruno’s guided meditations and healing sessions, and eventually by meditating and practicing Qigong on my own, I am able to reduce my pain, lower my blood pressure, and alleviate stress….

…I’d like to share a story with you. Since coming to the Hope Lodge, I’ve been going to weekly Qigong sessions with a healer named Bruno. He does guided meditations and energy/healing work with me. I have also been listening to meditation CDs and reading about a Chinese Qigong master who lives in Eden Prairie, MN. This man’s name is Chunyi Lin and he is Bruno’s teacher.

Recently I started doing my own meditations, usually right before a nap. As I lay on my bed for a nap, generally I have very good success in relaxing and calming myself, controlling my breathing, and eliminating my own pain. But last weekend was different. I was in a moving vehicle.

When Andrew and I drove home to Spooner, I was very uncomfortable in the truck. The roads are so bumpy this time of year, and I was having a lot of back pain. So I thought, “Why not try to meditate the pain away?” I told Andrew, “I’m going to meditate now,” and he replied, “I’ll be quiet for you.” About 30 minutes later he stopped to fuel up. I got out of the truck to go inside. And my pain was gone. Bruno told me that it’s very difficult to have success in a situation like that — a moving vehicle, bumps, noise, etc. I was so proud of myself! Now I have the confidence to meditate wherever and whenever I need to. I even meditated in the waiting room today. It kept my blood pressure down and my mind clear and calm for the procedure.

B. B. (mental clarity, focus): I have received several beneficial healings from Bruno Franck. The one I remember the most was when I was feeling confused and anxious about a major decision I had to make. Bruno led me on a meditation and included images that came to him while he was doing the healing. Afterwards I felt more peaceful and balanced emotionally. I also felt my whole body relax especially my shoulders. The discomfort in my spine was gone as well. My session with Bruno Franck left me in a place of joy and able to move forward with confidence.

K. W. (self-healing): Although I was only able to attend one of your sessions [at the Hope Lodge], I thank you so much for the experience. I’ve used the breathing technique many times, especially when I lost my son while staying here at the Hope Lodge. With much appreciation…

S. A. (self-healing): Bruno Franck stands out in terms of the energetic power which he brings to the practice sessions that he leads. Bruno has a special gift for teaching, such that I am able to learn almost by osmosis, just by being in his presence. When Bruno leads me in the guided meditations that he seems to effortlessly construct, I have deeply nourishing and healing experiences. When Bruno leads me in active exercises, I am able to experience transformative self-healing.

D. B. (anger management, addiction recovery): I just wanted to give my feedback on Bruno’s fine job as an energy healer. I have been working with Bruno for about a year now, and I’m proud to say I have been abundantly blessed as the result of his energy healing sessions. I had some experience with the use of chi with hard applications during some martial arts trainings, but Spring Forest Qigong has open my eyes to the beautiful world of soft type chi applications. Bruno, upon the completions of his healing on me, would generously educate me on qigong. I can say without a doubt that the enlightening knowledge I have received and learned has been life changing. My anger has dissipated significantly, my former struggle with rage is over, I have quit smoking and doing many other self-destructive actions upon my continuation into leaning more and more about qigong. Bruno as a healer has given me my best energy healings. I have had experience with other healers, but Bruno’s healings were by far the most powerful. His guided meditations have increased my own energy as well.

Nancy Rech, Health Care for the Homeless (stress and pain management): Bruno Franck has been volunteering weekly at the Dorothy Day Center’s clinic for Energy Healing. He not only brings his tremendous Qigong skills to help our guests, he also never fails to bring his warm smile and compassionate nature. Our patients love him and he has “regulars” that come weekly to ask for his healing skills. It is so rewarding to watch someone who is stressed out and in pain enter Bruno’s room and emerge sometime later smiling and with a bounce in their step. Comments such as “Wow, Bruno, that was wonderful! I feel great now!” are commonplace. It is not only compassion and loving healing Bruno brings to his clients, it is transformation! The energy healing clinic owes much of its success to his dedication to the art and practice of qigong. Thank you Bruno for all you do.