Client Feedback

Using a straightforward evaluation form, Bruno poses the following questions to each individual before and after each healing:

  • What is your stress level right now on a scale of 1-10 (1=low, 10=high)?
  • What is your general level of pain or discomfort right now on a scale of 1-10 (1=low, 10=high)?

Responses are documented and at the end of the session so the person has the opportunity to share comments verbally or in writing.

Stress graph 201511 Discomfort graph 201511

Click here to download a PDF of these graphs.

Sample Evaluation Comments

  • Felt great … centered, calm, warm and I cleared my mind completely for the first time in a long time.
  • Felt a release. Saw — with eyes closed — bright white light with edges of yellow at times, gold glitter light “shooting” out of my heart and at times a prismatic rainbow. Breathing became relaxed throughout session. In my body and mind felt a complete sense of relaxation, peace and calm.
  • Felt like I was getting younger, with my feet in cool water. I could feel the water flowing around my feet.
  • Really calm and relaxed about my situation — things will be OK!
  • Very relaxing. My mind is very clear now, not racing anymore.
  • Stress of life: gone! Stress of relationship: gone!
  • I feel so peaceful. The pain in my back is completely gone.
  • I feel a lot better now than I did earlier. The severe pain in my tooth is completely gone!
  • I feel no pain whatsoever!
  • I don’t feel any pain in my right knee. I got up twice and I don’t feel any pain!!
  • I don’t feel my toothache anymore!
  • The heat in my feet is completely gone!

Sample Testimonials

…” Aside from being a tad skeptical about the results, I desperately needed pain relief. I figured if it didn’t work, I’d make an appointment at the pain management clinic. This achiness had been going on for 3-5 days. … When everyone left the library, Bruno sat me in a chair facing east and talked me through the “small universe” meditation. I couldn’t believe how fast and easy it was to control my breathing and to get centered. I’m not good at explaining the process in detail but the pain was gone before I came out a deep but short meditation process. I am still pain-free today.”

…” I was diagnosed on February 5, 2008 with Stage IIIA Breast Cancer. I found the lumps while nursing Elly when she was 6 months old. Within two weeks I had a single mastectomy. I ended up having 6 tumors and 6 lymph nodes full of cancer. I started chemo within two weeks and continued with chemo for 5 months, one of the chemo medications for a year. In September, I then did radiation for 7 weeks. After that, I worked on getting stronger. I had another mastectomy in April 2009 and finished my last chemo in May 2009.   …   CaringBridge Journal entry 1/19/10: So, I had a fantastic Qigong session today, Bruno was amazing! He cleared out all the negative energy and restored the positive energy. When he was done, I felt like I had taken a two-hour nap. He had me focus on “love and kindness” and the symbol for that is light. I felt like I had the light of the sunshine running through me. It was almost time for my pain meds, but he had me in such a meditative state that I was able to work through it without medication. The power of the mind is incredible.” 

… ” I met Bruno in February 2011 while I was recovering from surgery for cancer. At the time I was having complications from the surgery and looking for complementary ways to augment my healing. There was Bruno, just when I needed him, with his patient eyes, his listening heart, and his melodic voice, showing me how to meditate and remove energy blockages in my body. With Bruno’s guided meditations and healing sessions, and eventually by meditating and practicing Qigong on my own, I am able to reduce my pain, lower my blood pressure, and alleviate stress….”

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